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SAN FRANCISCO: K.C. Turner's 30th Birthday Bash at the Swedish-American Hall, 12/8...  Nadine Sierra, Soprano with Tamara Sanikidze, Piano at the Rex Hotel, 12/2... Horse Feathers at the Independent, 12/2... Sorry to see Old Chelsea Fish and Chips (or maybe it was Fish 'N Chips) close in the Tender-nob. Another place serving British food cooked by Asian guys bites the dust. What can I say? Actually, I don't think I ever ate there. What's with all this sentimentality?..  BAY AREA: Lady Gaga at HP Pavilion in San Jose, 1/17... A Winter Fairy Tale – Bayer Ballet Company at Center for the Performing Arts in Mtn. View, 12/14 – 16... Michelle Schmitt (Meals on Wheels Benefit Concert) at 142 Throckmorton Theatre in Mill Valley, 12/13...  Boys Noize at Fox Theater, 12/14, Oakland... Mill Valley Philharmonic Christmas Concert sponsored by Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary in Strawberry, 12/2... A few Caltrain stations on the Peninsula also house museums for the towns they serve. You may want to stop by and see some local memorabilia from yesteryear... Yo-Yo Ma at Zellerbach Auditorium in Berkeley, 1/24...  Dragon Theatre Productions, who haven't returned 2 calls I made to them begging that they advertise with me, have moved from Palo Alto to Redwood City. Man, I remember when I moved to the Bay Area in 1985, Redwood City was the blandest city on the Peninsula, but now it's got a really happening downtown that keeps getting bigger and bigger. Redwood City – the next Palo Alto? The next San Francisco? The next New York? Look out!

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In The Society Page: Saturday Night Live '80. In Almost Famous by Kimberlye Gold: Huey Lewis. Good Clean Fun (“The Elvis of Comic Strips”): “It's Sad You're Gone But At Least You Were Here.” Charles Schulz by Ace Backwords. The Roommate from Hell   by James Dylan. The SF Herald Question: Was Going to College Worth It?

News and Notes

DATELINE San Francisco: The bathroom is still out of order at Stars gas station on Caesar Chavez Blvd at the 101 on-ramp. At least that's what a sign in the front window reads. Or is it just a cover-up to prevent people from using it? Heck, you never know. (I'm not accusing anyone of anything so no letters from lawyers please.) The Herald will investigate because we cover what really matters to YOU. Yes, we really care about you. We really do. Honest.

I recently saw a poster honoring the 20th anniversary of those bicycle-riding anarchists, Critical Mass. Way to go, guys! Not many organizations made up of angry, pathetic losers blaming society for their own failures actually last two decades, but you guys pulled it off. Hey, who first coined the term Critical Mass-holes? If you want to read some writing by a responsible bicyclist, check out the bicycle column former Talking Head David Byrne pens for the New York Times. By the way, he has a new CD out with St. Vincent (whoever that is). As it turns out, David Byrne was college friends with the late Charles Rocket, who was a member of Saturday Night Live's infamous 1980 season, which you can read about on SanFranciscoHerald.Net.

I found out who St. Vincent is. Her real name is Annie Clark and she was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma and – here's a Bay Area connection – worked as the tour manager for her uncle's band, Tuck & Patti. In between New York and California I lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma, too. Did I ever mention that before? I did? Numerous times? I also lived in a house in Menlo Park where Tuck & Patti once lived. Did I mention that before? I did? Did I mention that I used to watch Tuck & Patti perform at the New Varsity in Palo Alto when I first moved to the Bay Area? I did? Humor me. This is all I have.

And what is “this”, which is all I have? It's the Metropolitan edition of the San Francisco Herald newsletter. Some of you old-timers out there may remember the Herald as a newspaper published from 1998 to 2008. Well, now thanks to the Internet, it's just a newsletter. You may have seen one of the generic editions of the Herald around without this “News and Notes” section. That's where businesses can advertise without being associated with my opinions. Hindsight is always 20/20, but if I had known the entire newspaper industry would tank right after I started my newspaper, I would have done it like this right off the bat. A photostat copy nowadays is almost as   “professional-looking” as something printed off a newspaper press. Not the copy you're reading, though; this is one cheap-looking rag. I don't make any money off this edition of the Herald - I just put it out to vent my opinions so I don't go nuts, climb a tower, and fire an automatic weapon indiscriminately into a crowd below. However, the Herald editions with ads in them look good.

And now for a rare positive story in the Herald: Go visit Shirley Edelson, the cashier at Patrick & Co. Stationers at 615 Mission Street here in San Francisco, who's 80 years young (as Willard Scott would say) and has quite a sunny disposition. She's so upbeat that when confronted with rude customers she tells them to go outside, take a walk, and come back when they're feeling better. 'Atta girl. See y'all next time.###

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