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Courtney Love herself they say
used to ride these very workhorse Geary buses,
smacked back to the gills,
nasty to look at and full of spit & snarl.
Girlfriend wasn’t shit.
That’s how it happens when it does—
yesterday’s skank, tomorrow’s
Grammy nominee, yellow ribbon and all
in a loaned-out designer dress
nobody will dare ask her to return.
Yeah, well, she sure stunk up the joint around here
long before Adam Duritz stopped washing his hair.

Oh the stories these bus routes could tell!
The poor shlumps trying to get home with their work-dead faces
and Here She Comes, a human hypodermic syringe
wishboning out of a pair of Doc Martens,
hellbent to show this whole burnt-out town
next to her Janis Joplin was a faggot
and a no-talent punk daddy’s girl
waiting around for some sucker
to put a rock on her finger and slap her into line.


All contents © 2008 by Gene Mahoney