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Welcome to the relaunched online-only version of the San Francisco Herald. I won’t go into why the first attempt (that “” thing) bombed. If you really want to know, read the SF Herald May/June 2009 paper edition that’s on the homepage.

James Dylan has left Iraq and returned to the Herald. His latest nightmare roommate story is his most disturbing yet. His 2002 piece “The Old Man of Noe Valley” (which you can find on the homepage) was arguably the funniest article ever to appear in the Herald. It was followed the next issue with arguably – well, actually, probably – the most infamous article ever to appear in the Herald – “The Roommate from Hell”. Now James returns with “The Wicked Witch of Wilmington” (which is what I re-titled it; he called it “Life in a Psyche Ward”.) Keep in mind – all of his roommate stories are true.

Kimberlye Gold has a new column about a million things, including a local production of The Who’s “Tommy”.

Jaime Nabrynski, an aspiring twentysomething writer just out of UC Santa Cruz (and whose writing has appeared in the Santa Cruz Metro newspaper) has her take on the recent Treasure Island Music Festival.

I’m also running “Coping With Your DUI” by Allison Parks again. Check out “The Top Ten Things You’ve Probably Missed on” on the homepage and you’ll find more of her hilarious stories.

I forgot if “The Love Bus”, a poem by Klipshutz, was published in the Herald in 1999, 2000, or 2001. Let’s settle on 2001. It’s being run again.

I find sexist humor to be enormously degrading to women. And do you know why I say that? Because it gets me further with women when I say that.

(Sound of rimshot.)

Heh, heh – you’re a great audience! Don’t forget to tip the waitress.

But seriously, folks – “You’re a Bad Man, Chubby Browne” by Michael Capozzolla is a bit too Maxim Magazine-ish for my palatte. Why am I running it then? I don’t know. Michael is the brother of Steven “Mr. Fabulous” Capozzolla and had a funny article in the Herald years ago called “My College Girlfriend’s Retarded Brother”. Michael has a cartoon called “Surveillance Caricatures” that appears in the SF Chronicle every Thursday and performs stand-up comedy around town.

Okay. Here it is. I’ll have a new “Good Clean Fun” comic in March. Ta Ta.

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